Covid 19 Benefits

Apr 2020 | Announcements

Message from Paul Manly, MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith

Available Programs

My team has been following all of the updates and have compiled a chart for quick and easy access to the different relief programs available. You can find that chart on my website here. I am sure that you are all getting lots of questions about these programs as well so please feel free to share this chart. Many of these programs are being rolled out next week and some of the details are still up in the air. We will continue to update the chart as information rolls out.

Small Business relief = Non-profit relief

I want to let you know that I have been assured that non-profits are eligible for all of the programs available to small businesses that were announced by the government yesterday. This includes the 75% wage subsidy, the GST payment deferral, the $40,000 interest free loan and $10,000 grant if the loan is repaid on time. For those of you who are able to retain staff or re-hire them if they have been laid off, this will help relieve the pressure on Service Canada and EI which has over 200,000 people applying daily. It’s also a better deal for your employees who will only get 55% from EI. Details for this program will be rolled out this week. I expect this will be deployed through the CRA.

There are a number of other measures that I have been bringing forward to the federal government to consider including:

Reaching Home & Women’s Shelters

I have been told that this program is going to be rolled over to curtail admin work. This means that there is definitely money coming to Nanaimo-Ladysmith but the amounts are being worked out as they determine how to split the additional $150 million. They are aware that communities our size have a lot of need and less resources available than the larger centres. These additional Covid funds are expected to arrive in early April at the same time as the regular annual allotment. It is expected that the additional allotment for Women’s shelters will arrive at the same time or close to.

CERB Covid Emergency Response Benefits

The CERB is available to anyone who is not eligible for EI but is over 15 years old and has earned $5,000 or more in 2019 or in the past 12 months. The $5,000 earnings can be from employment, self employment or maternity or paternity benefits. Students, self-employed and contract workers and small business owners are all eligible if they meet this criteria. People who are still working but not getting paid are eligible for this fund. I have heard conflicting information about whether people earning less will be eligible for a top up or whether people need to have no income for a minimum of 14 days to apply. More details will be rolling out soon.

My staff are all working at home but we do have one person at the office to continue to answer the phones. For people looking for assistance they can reach my office at 250-734-6400 or email

Resources to help you

Do You Need Help?

If you’re looking for mental health support, shelter, addictions treatment, food banks and more, BC 211 can help.

Or search HelpSeeker for access to over 770 services, programs and resources in Nanaimo.