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May 2020 | Resources

What is Helpseeker?

HelpSeeker is an app that connects people in need with local services that can help.

HelpSeeker is more than an app that supports people in need; it also collects real-time data that can help Nanaimo service providers make decisions and build a stronger case for more funding.

If you’re a charity, non-profit or government organization that helps Nanaimo residents, we need you to claim your spot and register your organization on HelpSeeker.

Your organization has been included in the HelpSeeker systems map; now we need you to register and ensure that your information is kept accurate and up to date

Register right now at - a flyer with info about helpseeker

Register today and support the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition’s work

By registering with HelpSeeker, you’re helping the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition in its work to end homelessness.  Our aim is to bring together local organizations to leverage existing funding and to coordinate services to make a visible change for the Nanaimo community.

With the information you provide, HelpSeeker will map all of the services available in Nanaimo so we can help vulnerable resident more quickly and efficiently. Having a system map of service providers will help us understand gaps and duplications so we can streamline services and make a stronger case for more funding. We’ll be able to better plan for the future of Nanaimo and be more agile in our response during crisis situations, like COVID-19.

Our initiative with HelpSeeker is part of our work through the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home Strategy to develop a centralized Coordinated Access System in Nanaimo. The data collected through HelpSeeker is key to creating a system map of Nanaimo’s service providers and to developing Nanaimo’s Coordinated Access System. Learn more about Nanaimo’s Coordinated Access System.

Resources to help you

Do You Need Help?

If you’re looking for mental health support, shelter, addictions treatment, food banks and more, bc211can help.

The HelpSeeker app gives you access to community, health, and social services.