Homelessness and Affordable Housing in the Federal Election

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As the time comes to make your vote in the upcoming federal election, there are a lot of important issues on the table such as affordable housing and homelessness. On September 20, 2021 you will have to choose a candidate to address the issues that matter most to you. 

Getting to know the candidates in Nanaimo-Ladysmith

In Nanaimo, we’ve seen that social equity challenges: homelessness, affordable housing, mental health and addictions are your top concerns. This is the time to learn more about our local candidates and how they plan to address these serious problems in our community. 

Lisa Marie Barron – New Democratic Party

Lisa Marie Barron is a School Board Trustee, community development specialist, and proud mother of two teenage children. As a long-time resident of Nanaimo–Ladysmith, and the traditional territories of the Coast Salish People, Lisa Marie is a champion for social and environmental justice in our communities.

She has served her community as a School Board Trustee since 2018 and has made sure students, and families, are always put first. In her work as a Youth and Family Navigator, Lisa Marie assists those struggling with addictions. Through Lisa Marie’s community development local business, she has worked alongside municipal governments and non-profits to better deliver resources to individuals experiencing poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. She is always trying to find new ways to help people more, which is why she is currently defending her Master’s Degree in Community Development at the University of Victoria.  

Lisa Marie believes that social and climate justice must be built into everything we do. She is ready to fight in Ottawa and make sure the federal government protects our coasts from pipelines and invests in habitat restoration and protection.



Michelle Corfield – Liberal Party of Canada

Dr. Michelle Corfield has been a lifetime resident of Nanaimo. Michelle’s upbringing on Vancouver Island led her to become passionate about reconciliation, community organizing, and social equality. Her interests led her to receive a Bachelor’s in First Nations Studies, a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution, as well as a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership.

Michelle became an experienced negotiator with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. She worked closely with the federal government to secure $46.2 million from the $100 million Port of Nanaimo expansion project. In addition to this, she led a community movement to push the municipality to address environmental concerns by facilitating the Colliery Dam conclusion. She also used her organizing skills and negotiating experience to raise funds for the Stevie Smith Bike Park, a beloved community space.

Michelle wants to use her skills in negotiation, conflict resolution, and advocacy to help push Nanaimo-Ladysmith forward. She wants to go to Ottawa to advance reconciliation, champion sustainability, and push for social justice.



Tamara Kronis – Conservative Party of Canada

Tamara Kronis is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Nanaimo Ladysmith. Tamara is running to represent and advocate for her community to make it a safer, more inclusive, more prosperous community.

Tamara started her career as a lawyer and went on to build a successful jewellery manufacturing and retail business before returning to law to run a government agency. Tamara has worked for a national law firm, held senior management positions in business and government, and is proud of the advocacy work she’s done in her community and beyond.



Paul Manly – Green Party of Canada – Member of Parliament

In 2019, Paul Manly’s by-election win in Nanaimo-Ladysmith made him the second elected Green MP in Canada’s House of Commons.

Paul is a strong advocate for a healthy environment and a more just society. He has been calling for urgent action on the climate emergency, a Guaranteed Livable Income for all Canadians and for universal pharmacare and dental care.

As MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, Paul brought forward parliamentary motions for a national ban on gas fracking, stronger regulation of Canada’s housing market, national standards for long-term care and protecting endangered old-growth forests.

Prior to entering federal politics, Paul was a small business owner with extensive experience in film and television. He produced documentary films on environmental issues, community watershed protection, international trade deals, food security, First Nations issues and cultural revitalization and health care. His work raised public awareness and influenced government policy. Paul also coordinated employment skills training programs for youth at risk and people with diverse abilities.



Stephen Welton – People’s Party of Canada

The People’s Party of Canada brings together common sense, populism, classical conservatism, and libertarianism to create solutions adapted for the challenges of the 21st century. Their beliefs are succinctly summarized in four founding principles: Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect. 

Currently semi-retired and the proprietor of a contracting company, Stephen has multiple post-secondary degrees and diplomas in earth sciences, business and health & safety. His project management roles in large industries ranged from the cleanup of contaminated sites to the creation of robust environmental, health and safety programs at manufacturing plants across Canada. His passion for politics arises from being a father concerned about the Canada we are creating for future generations.



What are the top issues for local Candidates? 

According to the Election 2021 voter’s guide provided by The Discourse, a scan of the local candidates for Nanaimo-Ladysmith have shown these to be the top issues: 

Affordable Housing 

All candidates have put this at the top of their list have committed to taking action to create more affordable housing for everyone. 

Climate Change 

Again all candidates have raised climate change in Canada as an urgent issue and have raised different approaches to reduce emissions and to protect the environment. 


The rights of Indigenous Peoples and reconciliation for past injustices is also top of mind for all candidates, especially in light of the recent uncovering of hundreds of graves across Canada at former residential school sites. 

Election day is:

Monday, September 20, 2021

Advance voting takes place on:

Visit Elections Canada for more information on how to register and vote.


Resources to help you

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