Robarts House

Sep 2020 | Community Profiles

Robarts House is just one of the many projects happening in Nanaimo to help those experiencing homelessness.

The first two residents of The Salvation Army’s new transition house, Robarts House, moved in on August 1, 2020. They excitedly ordered a pizza to celebrate their first night — a simple luxury those of us with our own homes take for granted.

Robarts House is a dry facility. All residents have completed the Salvation Army’s ‘Fresh Start’ program and are in recovery.  

A step towards market housing

“This is gently supported housing,” says Yvonne Borrows, Executive Director of The Salvation Army. “The residents will work with their case workers and tenant support workers to find stable, permanent work, develop the confidence and life skills for independent living and, finally, to move into market housing.”

Robarts House will house four men. They’re each responsible for furnishing their own room, giving them ownership and independence as they make their room their space. They share the common spaces: family room, kitchen and bathroom. While at Robarts House, the residents are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

“The Salvation Army is a huge advocate for supportive housing,” says Borrows. “We can’t expect people to be successful in market housing when they’re struggling with basic survival. This transition house gives residents the supports they need to thrive in the community.”

salvation army advocates for NHC community by starting a robarts house project
As an active member of the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition, The Salvation Army is dedicated to giving hope and support to vulnerable people in our community.

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