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Feb 2020 | Community Profiles

Helping People Stay Housed

Finding a rental apartment is hard enough in Nanaimo when you have a full-time job and plenty of references. For those who are moving out of homelessness and into permanent housing, it’s almost impossible.

That’s where the Salvation Army’s Good Tenant Program is stepping-in. When someone needs just a little more to afford their monthly rent, or a small boost to get their bills paid during a hard time, the Good Tenant Program is there.

“We work with people in the community who need support finding or keeping housing by offering them a rent subsidy of up to $275 a month. Once they’re connected to the Good Tenant Program we’re there to meet with them one-one with any questions they might have about renting, working with a landlord or being a good tenant,” says Leah Howroyd, Residential Services Manager.

Once someone is enrolled in the Good Tenant Program, they meet with the Salvation Army’s Caseworker a minimum of once a month to ensure everything is going well with their tenancy. They are also required to live drug and alcohol free to ensure the best chance of keeping their rental home.

Free Community Services

Active in Nanaimo since 1888, the Salvation Army also provides a number of other great services to the local community, all for free at 19 Nicol St. in Nanaimo:

·       Laundry Facilities and Showers

·       Registered Massage Therapy

·       Haircuts and Barber Services

·       Footcare

·       Income Tax Returns

·       Hot Meal Program

For more information on these services and when they are available, call: 250-754-2621

Opportunities to Give Back

The Salvation Army depends greatly on volunteers to provide these services to the local community. If you are interested in giving back and offering your time or a service to those in need, please contact 250-754-2621 to be directed to our volunteer coordinator.

For more information about the Salvation Army and their program in Nanaimo, visit: Nanaimo Salvation Army

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